Monday, June 9, 2008

Do not expect Republicans to end abortion

Republicans are not the road to the abolition of abortion. bush junior*, when he wants something, gets people to do his bidding — the Constitution be damned. His campaign to war, and grab power, flouted the Constitution. This is what impeachment is supposed to remedy.

He and his party had no similar press to end abortion. bushjr, in most of his reign, had a subservient Congress and press. The going to war was diagrammed, planned and relentless. No such drive to end abortion. The administration was staffed with incompetent and arrogant criminals, whom completely served the moneyed interests. bush junior followed and pushed his dreams and desires. There were many shills and enablers, in the media, that served his ends.

There is Republican rubbish about judge selection. Does anyone notice, that, these stellar pro-life judges, always, side with the moneyed interests. Now, if they were deficient in the latter, and fervent in the former, would they be selected? Is it Moloch they oppose, or Mammon they support? There is no, specified, fixed, constitutional, number of Supreme Court judges. The number has varied, from six to ten, in the past. When Republican justices stymied Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, he proposed fifteen. They relented. Bush had his way with everything for several years. Abortion was not ended by the court.

I being against abortion, why should I support Republicans? Because they say they are against abortion? They swear an oath, to obey, and defend the Constitution. They lied about that prime legal directive for their office. They say what they say, to garner votes. The status quo, vis-à-vis on abortion, politically benefits them. They do what they will. It is true, and so very sad, that, the majority of Democrats on the federal level, support abortion. Does not logic suggest, that, some do this to garner votes, also? An effort to find Democrats, and recruit Democrats, whom believe in life, may be a better strategy to end abortion.

In Puerto Rico there is one, public hospital that performs abortions. The law permits, medical personnel, conscientious objector status to follow their personal conscience. The number of abortions are less than half, of what they had been, since the nurses have invoked their right. A similar legal right for doctors, to be conscientious objectors, in Italy has, about, 70 % of gynecologists and a slim majority of anesthesiologists refusing to co-öperate with this infliction of death. Do not co-öperate with evil, in any of its forms. There are many things that we should, conscientiously, object to.

If doctors and nurses obey the Hippocratic oath, and their consciences, abortions would be reduced without the force of law. When society finds the practice abhorrent, the lawmakers will follow.
*Postscriptum: There is an oft repeated, but not in the corporate or mainstream media, and certainly not in the fascist and wingnut media, tale, but, which, was portrayed in the movie, W, of bush junior’s paramour having an abortion arranged by bush senior. The story is there, as was Larry Craig’s perverted proclivities, but has not made a full public exposure. But, gross hypocrisy is, often, hushed up.

Postscriptum: 13 March 2009
The current chairman of the Republican party, Michael Steele, had a lengthy interview with a reporter from GQ, in which he let slip the truth. He may be punished for that. Now, there you have a former catholic seminarian, who is "pro-choice" and welcomes that view in party members.

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