Friday, September 28, 2007

Bruce speaks to America

This morning, at 8.50 a.m., on NBC, Bruce Springsteen eloquently and heartfully addressed America on the troubles that the country is bearing during this period of sedevacantism that began in 2001. Bruce then continued through the program performing a rousing mini concert, that was warmly received by the audience there present. One can only speculate why the group all wore black, and it seemed Bruce had several religious medals about his neck. Are we mourning in America for America?

Rarely has american broadcast television allowed the airing of uncensored truthful words this century:
This is a song called Livin' In the Future. But it's really about what's happening now. Right now. It's kind of about how the things we love about America, cheeseburgers, French fries, the Yankees battlin' Boston... the Bill of Rights [holds u we plan to do something about it, we plan to sing about it. I know it's early, but it's late. So come and join us.p microphone, urging crowd to cheer] ... v-twin motorcycles... Tim Russert's haircut, trans-fats and the Jersey Shore... we love those things the way womenfolk love Matt Lauer. But over the past six years we've had to add to the American picture: rendition, illegal wiretapping, voter suppression, no habeas corpus, the neglect of that great city New Orleans and its people, an attack on the Constitution and the loss of our best men and women in a tragic war. This is a song about things that shouldn't happen here happening here. So right now we plan to do something about it, we plan to sing about it. I know it's early, but it's late. So come and join us.

Thank You Mister Springsteen !

p.s. Oct. 7, 2007 Springsteen was interviewed on 60 Minutes.

"It's unpatriotic at any given moment to sit back and let things pass that are damaging to some place that you love so dearly."

"There's a part of the singer going way back in American history that is of course the canary in the coal mine. When it gets dark, you're supposed to be singing. It's dark right now."

"I think we live in a time when what is true can be made to seem a lie."

"And what is lie can be made to seem true. And I think that the successful manipulation of those things have characterized several of our past elections. That level of hubris and arrogance has got us in the mess that we're in right now. And we're in a mess. But if we subvert, the best things that we're about in the name of protecting our freedoms, if we remove them, then who are we becoming, you know? Who are we, you know? The American idea is a beautiful idea. It needs to be preserved, served, protected and sung out. Sung out."

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